Trucking Accident Lawyers

Truck accidents differ from car accidents in a number of important ways. When trucks are involved, the severe injury and casualty risks are much higher. Trucks weigh more, and they tend to produce mass carnage when they get a little bit loose. The statistics note that one in every eight traffic deaths comes from an accident with a large semi. Permanent injuries are common in these accidents, and people who are involved in truck accidents can have life-altering consequences. Trucking Accident Lawyers affiliated with the Attorney Group can help a client get the money they deserve when they’re involved in an accident. Truck accident lawsuits are complicated, and experienced Trucking Accident Lawyers can play an important role in providing clients with dedicated representation.


Cases have value, and it is the job of Trucking Accident Lawyers to extract that value. We can help you with your case and put your mind at ease. There are many common injuries that arise when trucks collide with regular cars. Broken bones are typical, and whiplash is a real issue for people who have had this misfortune. Back injuries, neck injuries, and spinal problems are very common. Head and brain injuries are more serious, though they do occur. People who get extremely unlucky can have paralysis, chronic pain problems, dystrophy, and loss of function. Truck accident lawsuits confront all of these problems.

Statistics from Semi Truck Accidents

  • Two in every 100 auto accidents include large trucks
  • A person is killed or injured in such an accident every 16 minutes
  • Trucking accidents lead to nearly 5,000 deaths each year, most of which are people in passenger vehicles

Getting Compensation and Justice with Trucking Accident Lawyers

Trucking Accident LawyersTrucking Accident Lawyers should evaluate a person’s injury, his or her medical costs, and his or her pain. The experienced trucking accident lawyers will also look at lost income and the potential loss of future income. These are all things that a person can recover when he has been involved in one of these accidents. Even though nothing can make a person feel better when they have suffered a major injury or lost a loved one in an accident, recovering money from insurance companies in a claim is a good start. The lawyers affiliated with the American Injury Attorney Group will take the time to look at each case, figuring out the responsible parties and all of the relevant damages. Experienced Trucking Accident Lawyers work with clients on a host of issues, and such lawyers can make their clients feel at ease. The Trucking Accident Lawyers on our team are here to make the process as painless as possible for you when you happen to be involved in this sort of incident.