Fatal Accidents and the Role of Semi Trucks

Fatal Accidents and the Role of Semi Trucks

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The most dangerous states to drive in are Mississippi, Montana and Alabama, according to all available statistics. Unfortunately, semi-truck accidents are part of those statistics and contribute to a number of fatal accidents.

For example, a recent case in Mississippi found that a truck driver will not face any charges after two people were killed in a fatal accident when his truck rolled into both a business and a car. In another example, a Montana crash between a pickup truck and a semi-truck in 2010 left one person dead and a June accident forced an major interstate in Alabama to close for 12 hours. That truck was carrying alcoholic beverages and caught fire. It was one of the worst semi truck accidents seen in the area, reports said. These were only three crashes of the numerous fatal accidents making the news nationwide. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states that almost 3,000 fatal accidents involving large and semi truck accidents occurred in 2009.

The highest amount of medical and work loss resulting from traffic accidents was in California with $4.16 billion dollars lost in vehicle crashes, including semi truck accidents and fatal accidents. A recent California fatal accident occurred in September when a big rig didn’t stop at a stop sign and struck a car, killing a passenger, according to news reports.

Texas had the second highest amount of medical and work loss due to traffic accidents. News media reported a fatal semi truck accident in Grand Prairie in August. In that accident, a semi truck flew off a ramp at a cloverleaf, across a median and into another interstate.

Studies in recent years have attributed some of the problems with semi truck accidents to a lack of sleep or risky driving or speeding in an attempt to meet delivery deadlines. Both of these issues can cause fatal accidents. Statistics also show that rural roads pose the most danger, in general, to drivers, but that is particular true in relation to collisions with semi trucks. Often rural roads are two-lane, without a lot of lighting, and that makes for unsafe situations.

It is logical that semi truck accidents are going to cause more death and injury. They weigh more and a smaller passenger car is no match. They often are carrying combustible items like fuel, even hazardous material.

This is why attorneys are important in such cases. Those who have been injured, or who suffered the loss of a loved one, in semi truck accidents have legal options and can be assisted by representation from experienced attorneys. The American Injury Attorney Group can help answer questions, guide you through the legal process and help you find attorneys that can handle your case.

There is not only the current medical or funeral expenses to consider, but also future losses due to disability or death, and pain and suffering involved in such a horrific tragedy. This is what attorneys assist with- making sure you are fully compensated for all of your losses. Attorneys are there to help you get the compensation you deserve from unsafe semi truck drivers. So contact the American Injury Attorney Group today for your free consultation and help getting the answers you could be looking for.


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