Fatal Semi Truck Accident Statistics High

Two recent fatal semi truck accidents have again focused attention on the safety of tractor-trailers on today’s roadways. One, which occurred in Wisconsin, took the life of a 49-year old man, while the second left a 61-year old Illinois truck driver dead.

Wisconsin Crash

The Wisconsin fatal semi truck accident occurred when a tractor-trailer, driven by 55-year old Ronald Jay Ebert, ran a stop sign at the intersection of Highway 48 and Highway E in McKinley Township, according to reports from KSTP.Com, St. Paul, Minn. He struck a pickup driven by 75-year old Allan Seierstad of Cumberland. A passenger in the truck, 49-year old Ricky Gauthier, died in the crash. Seierstad suffered significant injuries. According to the truck driver, the brakes failed on his truck, which is why he did not stop at the intersection. Fatal Semi Truck Accident

Illinois Crash

It was the truck driver, 61-year old Michael Burtch, of Rockford, who died in the Illinois fatal semi truck accident when his tractor-trailer entered the path of an oncoming train on Alworth Road in Winnebago County, according to reports from MyStateLine.com in Rockford, Ill.  The accident ripped open the tractor-trailer, spilling piles of corn, and the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. Indications were that the signals were working properly.

Fatal Semi Truck Accident Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), fatal semi truck accidents lead to the death of almost 5,000 people each year and most of those who are killed are in passenger vehicles, not in the tractor-trailers. Severe injury is much more likely in a semi truck accident as well, leading to lost wages, medical bills and other costs for those who are injured in the accidents. Over the past two decades, truck accidents have increased by 20 percent and some believe the semi truck accident statistics indicate several factors, including companies who schedule deliveries and pick ups with schedules that require drivers to ignore safety regulations or who fail to properly maintain the trucks, which can lead to mechanical failure and accidents.

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