Semi Accident in California Leaves Road Workers Injured

Semi Accident Injures Road Workers

Semi Accident Injures Road WorkersA semi accident in Sacramento California in the Fix 50 area has injured three workers, according to a California Highway Patrol official. The three crew members were working on the project when they were hit by a wood beam that one of their coworkers allegedly was transporting. According to sources, the worker spun around as he was attempting to place a wood beam close to a guardrail. As he moved, it allegedly went over the retaining wall, where it was hit by a passing semi truck and thrown into nearby construction workers.

California Highway Patrol officials reported that one of the workers sustained head trauma and was airlifted to University of California Davis Medical Center. The extent of the injuries to the other two workers is unclear, but a Caltrans official stated that one was taken to a nearby clinic while the other was treated at the scene of the accident.

Caltrans investigators will be investigating the accident in depth, and work will continue on the project as scheduled unless specified otherwise by a safety instructor. Officials are still searching for the semi, and it is believed that the driver may not have known that he or she hit the board.

As is the case with the semi accident in Sacramento, California, semi accidents are often unpredictable. Whereas fault on the part of the semi driver does not appear to be an issue in the Fix 50 incident, semi truck accidents are often caused by misjudgment involving a semi’s weight or speed, faulty truck components, driver fatigue, distracted driving, or even semi truck drivers who operate their vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unpredictable events happen, and if there is a semi truck involved, the damage can increase exponentially.

It is important to seek legal counsel if you have been injured in a semi truck crash. An experienced attorney can help you determine who is liable for your injuries, as some crashes may occur due to the fault or negligence of more than one party such as the driver, the owner of the vehicle, the owner of the cargo, the driver’s employer or even the mechanic responsible for inspecting and maintaining the truck.

Have You Been Involved in a Semi Accident in California?

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