Could the New Wireless Inspections Help Semi Truck Safety?

Semi Truck Safety

Semi Truck SafetySemi Truck Safety Could Face Major Changes

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is conducting a live field test to determine if wireless technology could be used to conduct roadside inspections. As part of the ongoing efforts to ramp up the commercial vehicle inspection arena and to improve semi truck safety, the agency is attempting to balance efficiency while simultaneously improving quality. Currently, semi truck safety inspections are conducted by government or federal inspectors. However, the proposed wireless inspections are envisioned as being lightning fast and would allow truck drivers to continue on their way instead of stopping for evaluation.

According to the FMCSA, the testing on wireless semi truck safety inspections will continue for the next three years on 2,400 miles of roads in Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky and will analyze a study group of 1,000 commercial vehicles. In order for this technology to be successful, it will need to streamline drivers in compliance with regulations while flagging and stopping the non-compliant, dangerous truck drivers.

The wireless system will process information from a transmitter inside the semi truck and send it to state and federal databases, the inspection facility and the carrier itself. Trucks that are not in compliance will send a message to the operations center and to the truck driver himself. The message will either direct the driver to turn into an inspection area or to continue on the way.

This technology will occur in a geofence area, or within trigger points for the system that will be positioned on the highway. Once the drivers enter into this area, data will immediately begin transmitting to the operations center. The center will then interpret the information, including the credentials of the driver, as well as hours of service, truck information and data pertaining to the carrier.

Provided the wireless systems are fully functional and properly implemented, the technology could be an effective way to streamline careful, compliant drivers while weeding out and scrutinizing those who may be more likely to disregard semi truck safety. It will also help safety directors, help regulators and help prevent crashes, injuries and fatalities that occur due to poor semi truck safety.

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